Uniblue Registry Booster Review

Registry BoosterREVIEW SUMMARY: UniBlue Registry Booster is software designed to supplement the health of Windows’ registry. UniBlue’s Registry Booster can help find and fix the registry errors which can cause serious problems, and do so in a safe, friendly, and intuitive fashion.


  • Easy to use
  • Cleans your system's registry for faster performance
  • Defragments your computer’s registry
  • Comes with a 60 day money back guarantee


  • No malware scan of your system's registry
  • Tends to detect fewer registry problems compared to others.


Review Details


The registry is this operating system’s means of storing software configurations, default options, permissions, and basically everything else related to software use and installation. When in good order, the registry is crucially important in improving the performance of your computer. But as you install, uninstall, and use your computer’s software, Windows’ registry collects old, outdated, or simply inaccurate registry information. These errors not only affect PC performance, but can lead to a variety of problems, including system crashes.

Because Windows comes with no default registry cleaning capabilities, third party registry cleaning software has become neccessary for users who want to maximize their PC performance while avoiding the tedious and time consuming task of completely reinstalling their whole system. Windows’ registry is one of the most complicated and intimidating part of the Windows operating system, even for experienced users, and even the slightest mistake could render your machine inoperable.

The Good:

Registry Booster offers a safe means of restoring the health of your registry. It only removes unnecessary registry entries, and can scan specific parts of your system which you suspect may need cleaning. Every complete scan includes information about the severity and type of the problems Registry Booster finds, and full registry backups are recorded before any cleaning takes place, rendering an otherwise potentially dangerous process harmless.

With its one-click repairs and detailed logs of registry problems, Registry Booster is a great option for anyone who wants to keep their registry in top shape, but isn’t interested in all the bells and whistles offered by other registry cleaners. If your technical ability is in the beginner or intermediate range, you’ll appreciate the simplicity and strength of this program. If you’re a more experienced or advanced user, you’ll appreciate all the advanced registry scan options which set this program apart from more generic registry cleaners. Anyone and everyone using a Windows operating system can benefit from Registry Booster, especially if you lack the technical expertise or patience to do a full system reinstallation.

Apart from being a registry cleaner, Registry Booster also defragments your computer’s registry. This defragmenting is very similar to hard drive defragmentation in that it organizes related registry entries which have come to be spread across the depths of the registry. Registry Booster is also one of the fastest registry scanning tools of any on the market, averaging around 45 seconds per scan.
While most users will not be able to make use of this feature, advanced users will appreciate the ability to ignore registry entries they do not want checked during a scan. And advanced or otherwise, everyone can appreciate Registry Booster’s 60 day money back guarantee.

Regular use of a Windows computer inevitably results in a messy registry. While most of this mess is harmless and contributes to a negligible impact on your computer’s performance, over time registry errors can crop up which can cripple your computer’s ability to perform the simplest tasks. As Windows is forced to read through a bewildering mess of registry entries, it wastes processing power trying to make sense of a maze of bad information. And if a serious registry error occurs, individual programs or your entire system may become crippled due to just a few lines of text that were recorded incorrectly.

The Bad:

Registry Booster cannot scan do specialized scans for spyware or malware registry entries which can hide deep inside your registry. While this isn’t a crucial part of maintaining a computer’s registry and falls more in line with the functionality of malware protection software, many competing registry cleaner options do have this functionality. Registry Booster also tends to detect fewer overall problems than other registry cleaners, though the registry entries it misses appear to be minor or insignificant errors while it manages to catch all major registry problems.

In terms of the quality of the job Registry Booster does, there is little room to complain. UniBlue offers its 60 day money back guarantee because it knows that you will be satisfied with this product. But in terms of extra features, Registry Booster does not shine. Most registry cleaning software offers a full suite of performance solutions ranging from system optimization, memory defragmentation, and malware protection. With Registry Booster, you may be getting quality registry cleaning software, but little more than that.

User Friendliness:

Anyone can understand and use this program, which is great since the registry is so complicated and delicate. Its simple interface has all the tools and features needed for new users to understand the program in a matter of minutes. Program tabs for subcategories, automatic scheduling, and advanced scans are all accessible on the main screen and easy to use.

Tech Support:

In terms of tech support, you can send help requests directly to UniBlue online or access their website’s FAQ and user manual. It is unfortunate that UniBlue does not support live chat, but this shouldn’t be a great concern given the strength of their online support and the simplicity of this program.

Product Update:

Registry Booster includes free updates which can help the program cope with changes to the Windows operating system and new types of registry errors that occur as new software is developed. In the short term these updates are unlikely to be necessary, but in the long term they provide a means of keeping this registry cleaning software working in full form for as long as you have a computer with a Windows registry.


Any and every PC user can benefit from the solutions offered by UniBlue’s Registry Booster. If your computer’s performance is at an all-time low, or you simply want to prevent your system from entering a decayed state, Registry Booster can help. No matter your level of technical expertise, this program offers a powerful and easy solution to computer performance problems.