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Product Features #1 PC Health Advisor #2 Regcure Pro #3 Registry Booster #4 Speedy PC Pro #5 PC Speed Maximizer

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1st Choice

Registry Mechanic

2nd Choice

Registry Booster

3rd Choice

Speedy Pc Pro

4th Choice

Pc Speed Maximizer

5th Choice

Detailed Review
Easy to Use yes yes yes yes yes
Free Scan yes yes yes yes yes


Paretologic Semantec Uniblue Speedy Software Avanquest
Automatic Backup   yes yes   yes
Automatic Scheduler yes yes yes yes yes
Registry Defragmentation   yes yes    
Free Updates yes yes yes yes yes
Included Extras          

Hard Drive Defrag Tool

Malware Detection       yes  
Privacy Protection   yes     yes

Hard Drive Cleanup


Windows Optimization

yes yes      

Browser Helper Object Manager

Startup Manager yes yes      
Email yes   yes   yes
Telephone yes yes   yes yes
Live Chat yes yes      
FAQ     yes yes  
Money Back Guarantee 30 days 30 days 60 days 30 days 15 days
Overall ratings 5 Stars star star

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Registry Cleaner Software Buying Guide

Why do you need registry cleaning software?

When Windows is first installed on a computer, data is perfectly organized into highly efficient configurations designed to get the most out of your hardware. A large part of this configuration and organization is carried out in the Windows registry, the part of the Windows operating system that keeps track of your software including its permissions, settings, options, and so on.

As a computer is used and software is installed or uninstalled, the Windows registry begins to collect a series of useless registry entries or minor errors. As useless entries pile up, your computer must struggle to cope with these excess entries containing only useless misinformation.  And as it is forced to maneuver through this labyrinth of bad data, it begins to slow down. More serious registry errors can also crop up, causing system failure, crashes, or even makes safe havens for malware.

To make matters worse, the Windows registry is exceptionally complicated and intimidating. It contains tens of thousands of different entries, none of which have been intuitively labeled and all of which are found inside a massive maze of seemingly nonsensical data. This intimidating appearance is probably for the best, because even a small mistake made inside the Windows registry can utterly cripple your computer. And even if you did know exactly what needed to be changed within the registry, manual changes are impossibly inefficient.

Fortunately, registry cleaning software not only knows exactly what to look for, but it can also scan your entire registry thousands of times faster than any human ever could.

Registry cleaning software scans your computer’s registry for useless or erroneous entries and safely removes them. Many registry cleaners can also optimize the remaining registry information to return it to the organized and lean state it was the moment your computer was first turned on.

Because Windows does not ever clean the registry itself, the only alternative to registry cleaning software is a complete reinstall of your entire system. A full system reinstall is time consuming, inconvenient, and relatively complicated; so if you want to obtain all the benefits of registry cleaning, software solutions are your best option.

What do you look for in registry cleaning software?

The market for registry cleaning software is crowded and competitive, but there are only four main considerations to take into account when selecting which option is best for you. Any product you can find that meets all four of these standards is an excellent candidate.

Extra Features

Not all registry software is created equal. In recent years, the registry software market has been crowded with several excellent options. To get the best value out of your selection, look for bonus features like Windows optimization tools, resource managers, malware detection, and anything else that makes that software stand out from its competition. The best extra features are something unique to that software and promise something which isn’t already packaged into Windows.

While not usually a substantial drag on computer performance, registry defragmentation is one of the more attractive extras being packaged with registry cleaning software these days. Registry defragmentation works much like hard drive defragmentation in changing the ordering of your registries entries so your computer can read through them more efficiently. This defragmentation isn’t crucial, but it’s a nice addition to your computer’s health.

Finally, don’t pay too much attention to differences in the quantity of errors that a registry cleaning program can find. Quantity tells you nothing about the quality of those errors, and just about any modern registry cleaner will find all of the significant and dangerous registry errors that exist. As changes to the registry is not without some degree of risk, more changes to the registry than are absolutely necessary can be more risk than the reward is worth.


Make sure that the registry cleaning software has the option to create backup copies of your registry. The Windows registry is very fragile and easily broken, so having a backup copy of your registry is important whenever you make changes. Better yet, make sure that there is an automatic backup function so you don’t have to remember to back up your registry each and every time. This has the added benefit of making automatic registry scans even more harmless.

Some registry cleaners offer information about the severity of found registry errors so that you can opt to ignore less severe problems. While this is mostly a novelty feature, if you choose to play it safe by only correcting serious registry errors while ignoring insignificant ones, make sure you look out for this feature.
Finally, make sure that your registry cleaner comes from a reputable software developer. There are many forms of malware which pose as registry cleaning software only to create problems once they’ve been installed. Reputable software vendors with strong reputations are truly the only safe bet when it comes to something as important as your computer’s registry.

Ease of Use

Find a registry cleaner that takes the extremely complicated Windows registry and makes it easier to manage, not more difficult. Look for intuitive and friendly interfaces with one click solutions and very easy learning curves. Don’t worry about advanced options unless you’re an advanced user. The advanced settings offered by most registry cleaners occupy a niche purpose that even the most knowledgeable user will most likely never end up using.

And if you want your registry cleaner to be truly hands-off, make sure you select one that has an automatic scheduling function so that you won’t have to micromanage your registry cleaning software every few weeks. It’s easy to forget about your computer’s registry; automatic scheduling can help keep your registry in top condition without your notice.

Support and Customer Service

Though it is unlikely you will need to use customer service or technical support, on the off chance that you end up needing help you should choose a software developer with a great record of customer service and a huge variety of customer service options. Live chat, toll free phone calls, and comprehensive online walkthroughs are all a sign of excellent customer service. 

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